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Dog House

Landlords or Body Corporates

Opening up your property or building to allow dogs as tenants can be a worrying thought. Noise complaints, property damage, concerns raised from other tenants who may not be so keen on dogs as neighbours. And the concerns are valid. 


Take the stress out of it by engaging The Dog Lady to conduct pre-move in behavioural assessments, at the cost of the dog owner. You will be provided with a formal report on the dog's behaviour, including temperament testing across a wide range of scenarios, medical history, and a formal recommendation from a certified dog trainer and behaviour specialist. A behavioural assessment by The Dog Lady provides you with that necessary peace of mind before you approve a tenant. 


For large apartment buildings, saying you’re ‘dog-friendly’ is one thing but actually living that 24/7 is another. Body Corporates are not dog trainers and they usually don’t have the experience to know what to consider in a dog policy. The Dog Lady can help take the hassle out of it all. With a customised dog policy written specifically for your apartment building, dog-owner tenants are clear on the rules from the beginning and non-dog owner tenants get a level of comfort that all dogs in the building have been temperament tested and there is a clear escalation process for naughty dogs.