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Dog Owners

Let’s face it - we love our dogs! They are highly-valued members of the family but unfortunately not all rental landlords feel so warm and fuzzy about four-legged tenants. 


The good news is that more and more apartment buildings are now ‘dog friendly’ (although still at the approval of the body corporate) and with the right presentation of a potential dog tenant, the welcome mat is now within reach. 


Many Landlords and property management companies are still apprehensive when it comes to dogs in the building. Complaints around noise, property damage, toileting, aggression are a headache they would rather not have to deal with. 

Present Your Dog In The Best Possible Way

A pre-move in behavioural assessment from The Dog Lady gives you a formal report to show a potential landlord or property manager, and if your dog is a model citizen then the report will be a great way to help ease their concerns. 


The assessment is comprehensive and tests many behavioural traits of your dog, including typical scenarios your dog will encounter on a daily basis. The session lasts for one hour and you will receive a formal report including a photo of your beloved family member, and a full review of your dog’s behaviour. You can then use this like a dog CV, to show what a great tenant they will be (assuming they pass with flying colours). 

The cost of a behavioural assessment is $350. 


**If any behavioural issues are identified, then additional training would need to be undertaken before being approved as a suitable tenant. These sessions would be designed to specifically address the areas of concern and are charged per hour at $200.