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A pre-move in behavioural assessment from The Dog Lady gives you a formal report to show a potential landlord or property manager, and if your dog is a model citizen then the report will be a great way to help ease their concerns. 

What you'll get

  • Approximately 1 hour in-house assessment

  • A comprehensive report of your dog's behaviour and contributing factors.

  • You can then use this like a dog CV, to show what a great tenant they will be  


Behavioural Assessment  - $350

**If any behavioural issues are identified, then additional training would need to be undertaken before being approved as a suitable tenant. These sessions would be designed to specifically address the areas of concern and are charged per hour at $150.

Behavioural Training Sessions


Needing help on specific behavioural issues? The Dog Lady can help. 


An in-home consultation covers off Dog ownership 101 - setting boundaries, rules and guidelines that dogs desperately need, as well as important basic training techniques and obedience skills to address your specific concerns.



What you'll get

  • Approximately two hours in-house consultation

  • An assessment of your dog's behaviour and contributing factors

  • All the techniques and insights you need to create a happy pack, and most importantly, a happy dog. 


Behavioural training - 

$350 initial session

$175 per hour follow up session

Teaching you how to communicate effectively with your dog in a way that empowers you, is respectful to your dog and most importantly, delivers great results.