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Needing help for your beloved dog's bad behaviour? Frustrated at the constant barking, pulling on the lead, chaos around the house?

Auckland-based dog behaviour coaching, communication and owner education. A simple and practical training approach for all breeds and behavioural issues to help you communicate effectively with your dog; helping you create a happy pack.


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Typical dog behaviour problems

Certified dog behaviour coaching, communication and owner education, my sessions are educational, relaxed and informative and will provide you with the necessary structure and guidance you need to better understand and communicate with your furry friend.


Some typical dog problems: 

  • Barking - at the front door, at the gate or fence when people walk past the property, in the car

  • Jumping up - at people and dogs

  • Pulling on the leash

  • Basic commands

  • Taking over the sofa and demanding your time and attention

  • Aggression 

  • Separation anxiety

  • Not coming when you call

  • Toilet training

A happy dog is a relaxed dog and that always has to start with the humans of the household. 

Why choose me? 

Based in Auckland, New Zealand I’m a specialist in communication – with both humans and dogs. Now incorporating this unique blend of expertise, I coach and train in both dog and owner behaviour.

Training your dog has to start with gaining the trust and respect of your dog, and establishing a loving and respectful relationship between the two of you. I fundamentally believe that it is so much more than just ‘training’ your dog and rewarding for correct behaviour. It’s about truly understanding what’s behind their behaviour (what’s driving them), connecting with them emotionally, understanding that your own energy and state of mind contributes to their behaviour also. The way you communicate with them (through words, tone, or action) is what ultimately will influence your dog’s behaviour.

I have been around dogs from a young age, growing up with Rottweilers from the age of 8, then becoming ‘Mum’ to a wonderful, high energy, rescue dog for a few years and now a loving and committed Mum to Sage – an incredibly sweet-natured dog who spent her first few years chained up (the chain had grown embedded in to her neck and was surgically removed when I adopted her in 2017).


So I 'get' dogs, I really understand humans AND I can help you solve your dog's behaviour issues - a perfect combination!


My approach

As a fully-certified member of the Dog Trainer Academy, I am using a behavioural coaching approach and training methods that have been used successfully by professional dog trainers globally for over 10 years and with thousands of dogs of all ages and breeds.

1.Training and coaching for the entire family

To get the best results, all the humans interacting with your dog on a regular basis need to follow the same rules and structure. Working with everyone in the household, I will help you all to understand what behaviours are leading to your dog’s behaviour issues and what you need to do to change. It’s a team effort!

2.Think like a dog

I don’t apply human psychology to change your dog’s behaviour. The only way to gain the trust, respect and loyalty from your dog is to think like a dog by providing them with structure and guidance using a gentle, force-free training approach. I will help you to better understand your dog’s thoughts and actions and to empower you to then make the necessary changes to gain their respect.

3.Training in the comfort of your own home

I believe that seeing you and your dog in your everyday environment is the most effective way to identify the issues that may be influencing your dog’s behaviour. And it allows me to easily see what needs to change around the home too. The behaviour that you want out and about, all starts at home first.

4.I coach you and your dog

My approach is mostly focused on the humans first, providing you with the insights, knowledge and behaviour to create a positive and long-term change in your dog. Think of me like a personal life coach, helping you understand what’s working and what’s not working and giving you the skills to be able to create the change you want to see. It’s not just about correcting your dog’s behaviour. I want to see your dog happy and relaxed and respecting you as their 'dog parent'.



Private in-house consultations ensure a personalised approach, uniquely tailored to your situation.

What you'll get

  • Approximately 2-2.5 hours in-house consultation

  • An assessment of your dog's behaviour and contributing factors

  • All the techniques and insights you need to create a happy pack, and most importantly, a happy dog. 


Following the consultation, you will also have access to me for three months via phone or email so that we can continue to fine-tune what you are doing, if required. Many people see results after the first consultation.

Two hour in-house consultation - $400.00

Teaching you how to communicate effectively with your dog in a way that empowers you, is respectful to your dog and most importantly, delivers great results.

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