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Why choose me? 

I’m an Auckland-based certified specialist in communication - with both humans and dogs. Now incorporating this unique blend of expertise, I coach and train in both dog and owner behaviour. 


I have been around dogs from a young age, growing up with Rottweilers from the age of 8, then becoming ‘Mum’ to a wonderful, high energy, rescue dog for a few years and now a loving and committed Mum to Sage – an incredibly sweet-natured dog who spent her first few years chained up (the chain had grown embedded in to her neck and was surgically removed when I adopted her in 2017).


I have worked with many dogs, and their owners, on a wide range of behavioural and training challenges and tailor my approach to suit the individual dog and their unique needs. 


I 'get' dogs, I really understand humans AND I can help you solve your dog's behaviour issues - a perfect combination!

The Dog Lady - Dog Behaviourist Auckland